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Please join us for 11 am Mass at Saint Thomas More Catholic Church.

The bus will pick up students at the fountain in front of Demoss Hall at 10:20

You can sign up for a bus spot here 



Bible study 

We hold bible study on Mondays at 10:30 am in the SGA office on the 3rd floor of Montview 


Small groups

Small groups are gender based groups where we will be diving deeper into what was discussed at bible study, specifically how you can apply it to your own life. They will be held at different times during the week



Ladies group: bi-weekly Tuesdays 7pm JFL

Guys group: Tuesdays 5:30pm 2nd FL Montview  couch area

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Freedom Tower Room 9010 at 6:30pm

no prior Rosary experience needed!



Taboo talks:talk series 

Join us as our students and guest give talks on different topic people may not want to talk about! first talk: Jan 28th 6:45pm


Workout Culture: Why Christian Men & Women Should Be Modest

This is My Body?: What do Catholics Believe About Communion and the Eucharist?

Babies and Birth Control: How Birth Control Could Affect Your Body and Soul 

You Don't Always Have to Be Okay: Dispelling the Christian Stigma Around Mental Health

No Husband, No Problem!: Why Women Don't Have to Be Married to Honor God

Are You Really Pro-Life?: Honoring Life from Conception to Natural Death 

The Joyful Truth About Pain: How Earthly Suffering Unites You to Christ